No. 10 Champs Élysees Ice Tea

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Organic green iced tea.

The widest, grandest avenue, Champs Élysees is a marvel... a modern shopping mecca for global brands, spanning the antiquities of Napoleon's grand Arc de Triomphe and Paris's famed museums.

When dusk arrives, the Eiffel Tower begins to twinkle with lights, a piano player takes his seat in the tapestry hall of La Galerie in the Hotel George V, and so do we. Settling into a grand, plush velvet seat with a tall ice tea for the best chic people-watching before evening dinner... this is a Paris must.



Product Description
Tracy Stern Tea & Co. No. 10 Champs Élysees Designer Tea Caddy
Kosher & Organic Custom Blended Iced Tea
6 Large Tea Bags/Set of 6= 3 oz
Each tea bag= 2 quart pitcher/Each tin= 6 2 quart pitchers

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